The Lazy Bride’s Dirty 130 Resource Guide

Over 130 Tips & Tricks From An Industry Expert  


Broke, frazzled, and sleep-deprived.

Not a good look for a bride, is it?

In my 15 + years of wedding planning, I’ve seen brides overwhelmed by what’s supposed to be one of the greatest days of their lives.

But not you. Because you’re not every bride.

You’ve got SASS, SMARTS, and you’re thinking more along the lines of:

… romantic dinners and bubble baths

… having a life beyond seating plans and RSVP cards.

… actually enjoying your engagement and wedding plans rather than praying for it to be over

… keeping your money in your pockets without compromising on the style and pizzazz that you want your wedding to have

… being relaxed and in control of your big day rather than pulling your hair out

… having confidence that your day will run smoothly while you, your beloved, and your guests have the time of their lives!

Except for one tiny problem.Save

Dream Weddings Don’t Come Pre-Packaged In Pretty Bows …

Or With Instruction Manuals, Do They?

  • Slaving away at Pinterest boards for a snippet of inspiration
  • Slogging through blogs, magazines and forums only to find less than a nugget of information
  • Having your engagement drag on and on and on because you can’t seem to get your dream day together

Next thing you know, you’re dreaming of chucking it all, heading to Vegas and exchanging heartfelt vows before a bedazzled Elvis impersonator as he croons Love Me Tender.

Before you start brushing up on your 5 Card Stud skills, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

You Can Panic-Proof Your Wedding, Easy Peasy!!

Who the heck am I and what do I know about weddings?

Great question.

After all, you don’t want to be taking advice from just anyone about planning the biggest celebration of your life (nor should you buy any bridges or send a check to a deposed Nigerian prince. But I digress).

What I am NOT, is one of those pseudo-experts who love to give advice without actually walking the talk.

My name is Larissa Banting, creator of the Lazy Bride® brand and owner of Weddings Costa Rica.

Some fun facts for you:

  • For more than 15 years, I’ve planned over 600 weddings (that’s a LOT of trains to bustle)
  • Have been named to the A-List Top 30 Destination Wedding Planners in the World by Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine
  • I’ve been recognized as one of the World’s Top 25 Wedding Innovators as well as one of the World’s Best Wedding Planners and Designers by Junebug Weddings
  • My work has graced the pages of big-name magazines like Modern Bride, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons, Inside Weddings, Style Unveiled, Destination I Do and Eco-Beautiful Weddings as well as numerous blogs like Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Oh Lovely Day and Wedding Wire
  • I’ve been interviewed on Martha Stewart Radio (No Kidding!) and Wedding Network Podcast.
  • The Lazy Bride blog was awarded a Bride’s Choice 2012 by Wedding Wire and named into the Top 100 Wedding Blogs.

I tell you all this – not to brag or to woo you – but to let you know that I’ve helped many brides through exactly what you’re experiencing right now.

From money-saving tips to tactfully limiting their invite lists (and everything else in between), I have shared my expertise with lazy brides all over the world.

My best practices have saved budgets, a ton of treasured time, and boatloads of stress.


    • No grinding through yet another wedding blog filled with “swoon-worthy eye candy”
    • No rifling through stacks of bridal magazines aka 10,000 pages of wedding dress ads
    • No scrolling through a gazillion websites of 10,000 ads for wedding photographers
    • No posting on bridal forums only to receive 100 different answers from other brides equally lost in the wedding woods. 
    • Not having to waste money on a slew of planning books or spending 20 hours at Barnes & Nobles … browsing through the entire wedding section as the clerk gives you the stink eye
    • No more spending countless hours and hundreds of dollars trying to find answers. 
    • No kidding!!

The Lazy Bride’s Dirty 130 (Tips, that is)

All this for the price of a couple of Dirty Martini’s at a Chi-Chi bar OR a mani/pedi at that place on the corner with the booming K-pop.

That’s right.

(Cue the sound of angels singing …)

The Lazy Bride’s Dirty 130 Resource Guide Is Yours Only For $19

(That’s less than $0.15 cents per tip!)


5 Ways You’re About to Go from a

Crazy Bride to a Lazy Bride

(life is too short to not be sipping champagne in a bubble bath)

The Only Resource On The Internet Designed To Put More Time On Your Hands 

and Less Strain On Your Wedding Budget

No more overwhelm. No more time wasted. No more throwing away money.

This guide is a quick n’ dirty approach to wedding planning. You get everything that you need to know in bite-sized pieces so you can get on with planning a wedding of EPIC proportions!

So What’s the Skinny On this Dirty 130

Q. Will this take much time?

A. Nope! The entire principal behind the Lazy Bride brand is to boil things down to their informational essence, extracting the knowledge nectar down to it’s sweetest drop. You’ve got better things to do, like mix up a batch of delicious Cosmos.



Q. Can I really save some money with these tips?

  A. Do birds fly? Does champagne have bubbles? Is the Pope Argentinian? Yes, yes and yes. And so it is with The Lazy Bride’s Dirty 130. Just my one tip on when to book your flights for your honeymoon can save you hundreds of dollars (Wednesday – you’re welcome). Or where to get designer bridesmaids’ dresses for less than a week’s worth of Starbucks lattes (your gals will love you – saving money AND making them look like a million bucks). Best of all, you don’t have to spend money buying a bunch of wedding magazines or searching thousands of blog posts to find these thrifty tips.


Q. Is this a planning course?

A. Although this is a resource guide of money and time-saving tips for every step of the wedding planning process, it is not a planning course. Our helpful guide is a supplement to your planning.



Some Past Client Love To Prove I’m Not Going to Sell You a Bridge

(Or A Deposed Nigerian Prince)

“All my questions finally answered … it took the guess work and research out of my wedding planning process”

This is a simple guide but all my questions have finally been answered! It is WONDERFUL! These are very simple concepts but getting it from the perspective of an expert was extremely helpful and allowed us to have a finalized answer. For example, we even discussed who to tip! I also like the suggestions of music for walking down the aisle as well as back up. It took the guess work and research out of it for us. This is a great structured guide on how to get started. It’s easy to follow from pre-planning to even after the wedding is over. – Lindsay C.
“ It gave advice on every possible factor to consider prior to, during and after the wedding …”

First, I would consider myself a “Lazy Bride” in a sense that I have never been the person who “dreamed” of their wedding since they were a kid. Nor have I ever gathered information or created a book on what I imagined my “special day” would be!

So, with that being said, this guide was EXTREMELY helpful for me being a first time bride at the start of the wedding planning venture. It literally gave advice on every possible factor to consider prior to, during and after the wedding.

Loved the photo portion and tips therein. We actually were at a wedding recently where a “friend-or” did the photography and there were definitely some bumps leading up to the wedding and at the ceremony/ reception. Your advice to avoid that was on point, as we watched it play out in real life! LOVED that you gave options for music. I sat around the other day thinking about songs and googling “wedding” music. Also, the cookbook idea was awesome. I would have never thought about that.

In short, I thought the entire Guide was beyond helpful. It covered MORE than I would have ever thought of and gave me a lot of great tips for planning our dream wedding and making it the best it could possibly be. It is a wonderful resource! – Shannon D.


“The only thing Larissa is missing is a cape and leotard with her initials on her chest warding off any potential upsetting details with her Wedding Planning superpowers …”

You are crazy if you try and do this on your own! Larissa is the Rock Star of Wedding Planners!! The only thing Larissa is missing is a cape and leotard with her initials on her chest warding off any potential upsetting details with her Wedding Planning superpowers. I still hear “Wow Best Wedding Ever”. I would do it again but that would mean I would have to get divorced first – Heather A.


“Impressed even an Oprah producer … Larissa planned my insanely amazing, jaw-dropping, movie-esque wedding of my dreams — with some very unique requests all within six months …”

I never thought I could have a wedding as amazing as I did, and both my rehearsal dinner and wedding day exceeded all of my expectations. I 100% recommend Larissa Banting. As a busy Oprah producer, I had pretty high expectations for my wedding planner (because I produce large scale events at the highest quality in my work), and I walked away feeling proud that I made the right choice with Larissa. I was pretty nervous about it at first especially because everything had to be planned from afar. On my wedding day, I felt so relaxed knowing my event was in Larissa’s hands. Thank you! You made my wedding unforgettable for my husband and I — and all of our guests! – Neha D.

The Lazy Bride’s Dirty 130 Resource Guide :

  • Has over 130 incredible wedding tips, carefully curated to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and more than 50 +hours of planning time
  • Gives you access to the expertise and experience of a world class wedding planner at your fingertips. Everything I’ve learned from 600 + weddings condensed into snippets of value so you can plan your wedding the Lazy Bride way!
  • Tips on how to scale down the invite list, save money on the bridesmaids’ dresses, setting up the timeline… ideas for every step of the wedding planning process.

Special Bonus #1

Little Known Secrets For The Events Before & After Your Wedding! – I’ve included a bonus section with additional tips for the rehearsal dinner, planning your honeymoon, and how to keep your cool throughout the planning period and your special day.

Special Bonus #2

A Kick-Ass Thank You Card Template – You’re going to have a wedding that knocks everyone’s socks off and you’re going to want to thank the special people who made it a success. Swipe my unique thank you card template to make that Thank You just a little bit more impactful.

Special Bonus #3

Exclusive Access To Me & A Thriving Community Of Lazy Brides – You’ll gain instant access to my highly secretive Facebook group dedicated to Lazy Brides. You get to connect with me and other Lazy Brides, share ideas, ask questions and find the answers that you need to have a banging wedding.

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  • You’ll also receive all your bonuses including an invitation to our super duper private Facebook group just for Lazy Brides. There you can share ideas, ask questions and find support from other Lazy Brides, just like you! And I’ll be popping in to share ideas and advice as well. Making wedding planning fun and easy is what we’re all about.

 If you ever have any questions about how to use this resource, feel free to jump in my inbox at I’d love to have a friendly chat!